By Sile Zhou

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“Oh, no…we missed it again!” Georgia Scott sighed and hung up. She sat down the chair limply and started to look for other potential sponsors. She was a senior art student in the University of Sydney and one of the coordinator of Pride Week, which is a festival for celebration of the queer held in March 24th to 26th. To get more sponsorship and more support, she has suffered a lot of setbacks during the preparation period of Pride Week.

Soliciting patronage exactly is the most difficult part in conducting an event, let alone doing it for this kind of particular activities.

“Some organizations don’t want to invest in this event.” Miss. Scott said, “They are even unwilling to involve with us, because they think it’s a DIRTY thing.”

Apparently, although Sydney is a highly open city towards the community of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), discrimination still exists more or less. Nowadays, the queer seemingly has been accepted in such open place; however, the fact is that the human equity of the LGBT cannot be guaranteed in Australia, this is because people still cannot get rid of the mental battle to convince themselves to accept the seeming violation of morality.

“ What I know is, there are still someone that view gays, lesbians and bisexuals under an illusion.” Miss. Scott explains, “They just cannot break through the conventional wisdom.”

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In truth it is, homosexual still exists as the alternative relations, no matter physically and psychologically. Those LGBT persons are, therefore, struggling against the prejudice and striving for surviving in the crevice of the mainstream cognition.

Phillip Mancuso, a junior student in the University of Sydney, meanwhile as a queer, took part in several activities held in the “Pride Week” this year. Before that, he felt shamed about his sexual orientation.

“We have to suffer and address a lot of problems, like dignity, legality, acceptance by others.” Mr. Mancuso said, “But now, I know how to balance my mentation. This gives the credit to the ‘Pride Week’, which provides me the opportunity that I can confide some matters or secrets I concern. Especially, a variety of workshops are pretty helpful, like the one names ‘Queer youth homelessness: where do we start?’”

“Oh, that workshop! Yes, it was one of the most popular activities in the festival. Well, seats were already full and someone just could stand around the room.” Miss Scott responded.

Absolutely it also reflects another side. It is, the population of the youths was incredibly huge, who were homeless caused by homosexual discrimination of their families or even were abused.

Although there is no census data to illustrate the proportion of homeless population on sexual orientation, overrepresented homeless young people are evidenced as homosexual. Nevertheless, the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University pointed out that, adults defined as queers account for around 1.2% in total Australia census population. Adult men identified as the gay occupies 1.6% of all Australian males, whereas 0.8% for adult lesbians among women. As far as bisexual, it takes over approximately 0.9% and 1.4% of males and females, respectively.

“The fact is that people usually think LGBT people constitute a special minority group with one kind of abnormal relationship.” Miss Scott said. “ They cannot treat the LGBT equally, and there are less explicit laws protecting the homosexual people.”

“Yes! Our rights cannot be guaranteed and it is no doubt, the discrimination is such serious, even in the Australian political circle. It is filling with strife openly and secretly.” Mr. Mancuso said so. “…Like recently, the affair about the gay Liberal senator Dean Smith assails the deputy Labor leader.”

The rights of LGBT people were hardly to be guaranteed and relevant laws were also hardly to be made due to the recognition of general sexual orientation. For this reason, Mr. Mancuso encountered a lot of unfair treatment. He used to be bullied from the age of middle school when self-understanding of same-sex orientation emerged. Till 2010, he suffered a grievous heart hit in the high school. One of his teachers humiliated him in public. The teacher doubted that he did not complete his work independently and plagiarized other’s.

“No, sir. I finished it by myself! I swear I didn’t do it!” Mr. Mancuso said.

“Oh, you want me to believe a gay’s words?” The teacher laughed at him in class.

Most classmates kept silence and just someone lowered his head and sniggered. Unlike breaking out in a riot of laughter filling with the whole classroom, the silence made him feel too ashamed. Then, he stood up and fled the room as quick as possible. Henceforward, he always stayed aloof from the crowd and became an autistic person for a time. As far as he started college, he found that homosexual was not that terrible and nothing to be ashamed of. He began to take part in different societies and made friends of diverse people including LGBT ones like him. He learnt how to get rid of the shade of the past and is happy to share his story now.

“There are no such difficulties that we could not overcome!” Mancuso smiled. “For us, the human rights still exist unequal right now. But I believe it has been getting better than before.”

In 2013, the Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Bill was enacted. It covers extended scope, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex status. These new aspects show the high attention and protection to the queer.

(Legalising gay marriage ‘about doing what is right’: Senator)

In brief, human right towards the LGBT cannot be said absolutely equal. People are always affected by mainstream ideology that the general worldview and morality restrict the free space of the queer. As a result, the LGBT has to keep going on a tough process to reach same-sex human equity in the future.

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