By Jingyun (Kevin) WANG,  SID: 450078642

News about Mark Zuckerberg’s jog by the Guardian was published on last Friday, 18 March after Zuckerberg posted a his jogging photo at the same day. The Guardian as one of the mainstream media timely responded this matter, and did well for readability on structure and highlighting main points. But more efforts could be done to improve the delivery of news.

The Guardian-Mark

Heading, standfirst  and picture on the top of the article clearly provide the main points of the story. Simple language shows who, what, where and the background, benefiting to catching the eyes at first.

The article uses inverted pyramid structure and breaks up chunks of text with white space according to the contents. That is readability and  easy to understand.

Hyperlinks of “Mark Zuckerberg”, “China”, “Facebook” link to relevant news pages within the Guardian so that audiences can learn what happens in those specific fields. Another notable hyperlink is to back to Zuckerberg’s original Facebook picture which makes for better understanding of background.

Tags in the bottle indicate what topics the article talks about and also benefit to be found by search engine. It might be better for readers to quickly learn the topic and access it.

In terms of reaction between the writer and audiences, links with social media consisting of Twitter and Facebook are easy for audiences to share the article in these platforms. But neither comments function within the web nor information and contact details of author would reduce the participation.

Discussion area in the end of article is a possible way to attract more attention of the news, to show the comments by audiences when they shared the news on social media might be also helpful.

Another article is by GlobalVoice for comparison.



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