Brussels eyewitness: ‘Belgium doesn’t deserve this’

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Your tributes: Brussels attacks

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“iReport” is a participatory journalism site of CNN, which was launched since 2006. This site encourages people use digital technologies to record and report whatever they think is newsworthy. It works better especially in breaking news like Brussels attacks. This news was written with the material contributed by witnesses.

From my point of view, there are several points can be improved.

  1. The advertisement before video is too long. It will be better if the advertisement can be cut down to 15s or even less. The start of this news is a video in which video clips provided by many different witnesses were edited in a logical way. So it is very important for readers to get the direct information from the attack spots. However, the advertisement is too long to push audiences lose patience.
  2. There is no comment area and communicative space in the whole page. Although there is a bar tool on the left of the page with e-mail, Facebook, twitter or more choices to share the news, readers are still not able to read comments from others or communicate with them. This design not follows the feature of web 2.0 as interactivity.
  3. When type the key word “Brussels” into search engine within the iReport site. This news article cannot be found but the assignment that given by editor who encourages people to contribute information about Brussels attack. If input two key words “Brussels” and “CNN iReport” into Google, there will be a relevant page on iReport Facebook with link to this news.

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