This news story presented by on March 21,2016  with a subheading:The organisers of Earth Hour have hit back at criticism that the now nine-year-old campaign is a “silly fad” that should be “ignored” demonstrated a controversial problem in “Earth Hour”.



This news story is pretty successful in the selection of the topic. Because it’s not an ordinary statement about this affair-“Earth Hour” itself like normal news, but a more profound investigation of the real effects of climate change from environmental campaigns. In fact, the argument between environmentalists and politicians must be more riveting. Hence, this story not only offers information to the populace, but also play an educational and warning role.

However, in my opinion, there is still some space for it to promote. Firstly, the headline is pretty long, and not so attractive to capture eyes. Maybe “White War by Earth Hour” could draw more attention.

In addition, the article is also quite long. Even though it presents particular details about the arguments, it is difficult for the impatient audience to keep reading. Meanwhile, some processes and historical problems could be disposed of in brief.

Thirdly, there is no place for comments. Besides, it is not convenient for readers to search related information without tags and notes.

At last, adding some videos and photos could promote the readability of news. But I reckon this is not a simple “earth song” to appeal people to support “Earth Hour”. The most important thing should be to raise the vigilance of each government. Therefore, after the last environmental video, it could be added a video about attitudes of other leaders in our world.

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