News story named “Explosions at Brussels airport and subway systems “by Wikinews on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Although Wikinews is a mature participatory web, it has several aspects need to improve in this news.


First, the title is not very fascinating for the readers. It only narrates an affair in Brussels. It could not use key point in the title. The writer needs to try to use the attractive word and main points in the heading. Also, this news story uses inverted pyramid structure and provides the main point of the first paragraph, such as, time location and affair. It brings clear news content for readers. However, the Wikinews is basic on Wikipedia, which would provide detailed information, but Wikinews use too many hyperlinks in the news story, which contain strong irrelevant location information and celebrities’ information. Although hyperlinks would provide background and relevant knowledge, too many hyperlinks would affect readers to catch important news content. So, reducing these irrelevant hyperlinks would enhance the main information in this news.

Next, it would not provide relevant pictures in this news, it just provide a map, which is locations of the attacks in Brussels. This picture was put on the left side, where is around words. It brings visual chaos in the interface. If the reader would not see carefully, they may ignore it. Readers prefer to see the accident photos and victim situation, which would make the news story more attractive.

Finally, this web would not provide comments area, the readers needs to share this news story to Facebook, Twitter which would provide comment platform. If readers can comment on this news, it will enhance the communication between writer and readers.


Wenjia Song