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The article details the announcement of Fairfax cutting 120 full-time editorial jobs across its news and business divisions and subsequent strike action by journalists. Information is presented succinctly and readers gain understanding of the news event unfolding.

Screenshot of the article

Suggested improvements:

1. The image inserted at the top of the article could be changed to an image of one of Fairfax’s mastheads, SMH or The Age, to give readers instant stimulus as to what entities the editorial cuts have ramifications for. The generic image of parent organisation Fairfax’s logo has less human interest/appeal.

2. The article does not incorporate Fairfax journalist’s live tweets as the event was unfolding, missing an opportunity to give the article ‘on the ground’ insight. Links to tweeted video’s showing staff walking out on the job would have enhanced the interest and detail of the article.

3. The article’s lead was too long and raised too many elements of the unfolding situation. The article as a whole could have been reordered to improve the coherency of events and information.

4. Links to other articles within the piece were confusing as the hyper linked sentence in two examples indicated slightly different information than what was expected.

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