News about Indonesia’s mentally ill by the CNN was published on this Tuesday, 22 March, 2016. Despite better resources and more professional teams of CNN, a mainstream media, it still needs to improve the delivery of news in several ways.

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Firstly, a comment area can be put under each article, to facilitate the discussion between writers and more readers. But there is just a comment platform and share platform in this web. If there is a special discussion area under an article, readers and the writer will feel it easier to communicate with each other, and more readers will be able to get a quick understanding of this news.


Second, different types of hyperlinks can be added, so that readers should understand this news from several perspectives. Although there are some hyperlinks in this web enabling readers to learn about the relevant background, the contents in these hyperlinks are too unitary, most of which are just written narratives. Therefore, different types of hyperlinks, such as pictures, videos and forums, may as well be added to the news, to attract more readers.


Thirdly, the video on the top can be replaced with a few eye-catching pictures. In this web, an attractive headline, video and easy-to-understand highlight can be simultaneously displayed over an article. In this way, not only may readers be attracted, but the whole story can be described in detail to readers. However, it will take dozens of seconds to surf ads when the video is opened. So, if the video is replaced with vivid pictures over the article, readers will get a visual impact within a shorter time.


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