This article will analyze a mainstream report about a recent epidemic around Chinese cyber space: A4 waist.

It is to describe a beauty with the waist, if seen from the front, as wide as the A4 paper.

Thousands of social media users have participated in this hashtag campaign by updating their photos to Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) or Instagram.

Even some official accounts on SNSs joint this campaign, such as People’s Daily, the Communist youth Party of Fujian Committee and so on.

Finally this hashtag raised attention to foreigners.

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SMH report on “Chinese A4 Waist”

This news was covered by The Sydney Morning Herald on 21st March. Chunks were implemented in the report, which led to a tidy layout. However, there are many improvements that could be done to the report.

Firstly, the title is too long to understand. I prefer to straight to the point, saying “Chinese A4 waist photos challenge healthy aesthetic value” because it would be unambiguous and easier to scan and digest.

Secondly, the report consists of text, seven Instagram selfie and a Tweet, which seems overloaded for the audience. Apart from the text and the tweet, I would like to keep only two typical Chinese photos and two remix foreigners’ photos, since these can be interesting contrast of western and eastern aesthetic values and avoid overloaded information.

When it comes to the details, I would keep sentences as short as I could. Additionally, I would fold the history of Chinese thin waist tradition into a supplementary hyperlink. 

Posted by Yang Liu (450504864).

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