Wikinews, which is a known participatory news site, works through collaborative journalism. On March 21, it published the news “Suicide Bomber Attacks Istanbul, Kills Four”. It is a story which shocked me. However, for the site, there are still some possible methods to improve the online delivery of this story.


Firstly, there is no notable news tag can be found in this site. Readers may not know what the topic of the news until they read it.

Secondly, the title of this news could be improved. In the first place, all the first letter of the title should be capitalized, which could make the news more formal and professional. What is more, the attack happened in a shopping area, which should be emphasized in the title. In my opinion, the title can be revised into “Body Bomb in Shopping Area of Istanbul, Four People Died”.

Thirdly,  from a multimedial aspect, in this news, there are no photos or videos related to this attack could be found, which makes it less attractive.

Fourthly, from a hypertextual aspect, although there are some hyperlinks in the article, some information which audiences may be interested in is still absent. For example, as the news says, it is the third attack in one month in Turkey. However, there are no hyperlinks related to the first two attacks.

Finally, from a interactive aspect, there is no question guide below the news, which may reduce the participating enthusiasm of audiences. Also, there are no name or contact information of the writer, which is negative for audiences to join in the discussion or share the news.

Thanks for your reading, could you please give me more advises? The website of the news is,_kills_four?dpl_id=2786624