This article about climate change is from The Guardian’s website, an extremely reputable news outlet, and is from July 2015. It discusses benefits of combating climate change. Despite being from a reputable news outlet, there is definite room for improvement in style, delivery and presentation of this news story.

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The title: The title is bland and not engaging in my opinion. It is basic and tells readers what they already know. To me, it is common sense that the ‘benefits outweigh costs of tackling climate change’ as it is a problem that needs to be combatted for the safety of our planet’s survival.

Images: The main image used is not eye capturing to readers. It is grey, slightly blurry and until you were to read the long caption underneath the image you would not understand why the photograph would have been used in relation to the topic. The image does not relate directly to the title or lead making it confusing for the reader. This is also the only image used in the article and since it is right at the beginning of the article it the rest of the text follows with no images to break the text up.

Text: There is a lot of text in the main body of the article and lack of images to break it up as mentioned above. There is also excessive use of hyperlinks in this article. They are especially bundled together in the middle of the article, overloading the reader with hyperlinks.

However, legitimate sources are used in the article making it a legitimate source of news. Social media links are available at the top and bottom of the article to be able to share on six social media platforms. There is also a comment section for readers to share their opinions encouraging participatory culture in news.

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