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The news about Fairfax redundancy caused a sensation in the Australian press. Almost all of the Australian media, including mainstream and participatory journalism, followed and reported this event. I am going to analyse the coverage from the ABC news which ought to relatively stand neutral in the situation.

The article illustrates Fairfax staffs strike against the company`s plans of cutting 120 editorial jobs. In terms of the text, the article is divided into several short chunks so that it is clear to read and understand. The Standfirst is concise and could catch the reader`s eyes even unfold it. The key point is really a brilliant idea which could briefly convey the main point of the article so that the readers are able to follow the outline and decide whether it is worthy to spend time to read. The editor also linked several tweets in the topic of “#fairgofairfax” which is reported by some correspondents on Twitter. The interested readers could continuously follow the event just by one click. In regard of the multimediality, the images and video clips are taken by the witnesses in the first time greatly enhance the sense of live news. Besides, it also stimulates the passion of the audience to participate in the process of news producing.

However, there are still several improvements should be done. The heading of the article could be shorter, which could grasp the attention with a glimpse. For instance, Fairfax staff strike over cuts. Moreover, there are few hyperlinks applied in the article. Some of the words that the readers may not be familiar with could be hypertextual to provide further information, such as MEAA could link to a relevant website. Additionally, due to this is an ongoing event. A time list outline could be necessary to show the development of the event. Lastly, in terms of the interactivity, in order to interact with the audience a comment area and the author`s contact information is expected.

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