This news on Upstart reveals how colored celebrities react to Oscars racism discrimination. It uses videos and hyperlinks to present the article. The tags at the bottom of the page also help users to search content.

However, there are a few aspects that can be improved.

Firstly, the title can be more explicit by mentioning Oscars, so that audiences know what topic they look at. For example, Oscars is an all white affair.

Secondly, using some key points at the top of the screen can be helpful to address the main points.


Also, the content is not so interesting after the second video. There are so many quotes from others instead of the writer’s own words. I would suggest the writer to use hyperlinks at the bottom of the article to provide those quotes as related readings, so that the news would be shorter and easier to read.

At last, since photo is the first thing that grabs audiences’ attention. I will suggest to put an attractive picture such as the following one, after the short introduction.


I also found the following picture, which is a good example to present data.


Posted by Shuang Liu (440514914).

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