The news story that I choose is from the mainstream news website The New York Times, with the title of Three More Arrested in Brussels Police Operation Over Attacks.

This news story repots that the main idea that how do Belgian polices arrested terrorists who should be responsible to the self-bombing in Brussels, Belgium on 22nd March. Also, this news reveals that the whole European policemen also engage in the arrest.

However, in my opinion, this news story demands improvement to some extent.

  1. The layout

First of all, the whole content of this news just consists of characters. Without photographs or videos, the whole passage makes the audiences feel tedious and boring. Also, this layout looks like the traditional print news instead of the web news. Web news helps readers to read sections in any order to make reading news more interesting. What’s more, the subheadings are unclear. Readers are easily to be confused and lose interests on reading the whole news without noticeable subtitles.

  1. Irrelevant content

The journalist narrated the process of how other countries’ policemen arrest other terrorists. Even though the process is also important to the Belgian police arrest, the half paragraph makes the whole article look tediously long.

Thank you for reading. Could you give me some advice that will benefit to my comparison? The link of this news is shown below.