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Mural of Kim Kardashian naked mysteriously appears on a Melbourne wall   Daily Mail Online

This news I choose from the mainstream media Daily Mail. This news about the controversial celebrity Kim Kardashian, who is the headline maker often appears in different media report. As one influence of her nude selfie, the Australia street artist Lushsux inspired by this affair to create a Kim’s giant mural on a Melbourne wall. I will analyse this article from following part: title and subtitle, news content and layout respectively.

1.Title & Subtitle

As this is news integrates well-known entertainer, the author uses some stunt words in the title in terms of catching more eyeballs. For instance,  the words like “Australia’s Banksy”,”mysteriously appears”are attractive. Moreover, the subtitles are supply a content syllabus in brief. The location of the mural, the origin of the inspiration, the public opinion towards this issue, the official respond and external reading hyperlink are list concisely. Assumably, if the reader just gossip the topic he can only scan the subtitles and know the most factors of that affair. If the reader would read details, he will get a navigation after glance that. Personally, I am badly fond of this reporting style. One more advice, I would suggest the editor create a hyperlink or external reading of female empowerment as this is a more or less academia phase for most readers.

2. News Content

Generally speaking, the author seems keep a neutral attitude for the issue. For instance, the majority of the context just state the facts, the painter’s thoughts and public opinion of “the mural”. No wonder his unbiased standpoint,  as a result of this disputable discussion in progress. However, as a mainstream news outlet, to some extent, they should undertake the task of influencing the public opinion as well as leave the self-thinking room to readers. Put it simply, creating certain insightful voice and enlightening readers comment it critically, do not just state what happened and what they say. In addition, the editor is not only use the image directly relate to the mural but also add the screenshot from Kardashian’s Instagram. There is subtle relation between Kim’s massive mural and the “R rate” selfie, namely, more like a magic mirror to reflect the photo.

3. Layout

The most outstanding feature in this part is the well-balanced proportion of media kit information and context. Furthermore, the share links bar above the context including a series of social media community such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. This design offers the possibility transferring the readers form a content consumer to the information transmission.Yet if there is a time line instead of statement showing the ongoing online heated debate, the visual effect will be better. What’s more the Ad broadsheet is annoying when I read the content, I would suggest editor halves it or changes the display pattern.

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