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With the development of tourism in Australia, more and more Australian residents have set up private guesthouses and provide tourists with a new accommodation environment.


According to a report of Financial Review-Business, Finance and Investment News, Australia will welcome tens of missions of overseas tourists from Britain, America, China, Singapore, Korea and India in total by 2025. As a significant industry in Australia, tourism is promoting economic growth of the country. It generates $94 billion in spending and contributes nearly $34 billion to Australia’s GDP (Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, 2011). Furthermore, the development of tourism in Australia has driven the development of other industries such as airports, catering and accommodation. As an emerging industry, private guesthouses are constantly developing.


Private guesthouses means accommodations are made available for tourists and managed as a family sideline business by taking advantage of spare rooms of personal houses in combination with local humanistic, natural, ecological and environmental resources. They are good ways for people to experience life of local Australians and understand local cultures. Hence, they have gradually become a concern of people. However, there are some problems concerning taxation hazards, safety hazards, sanitation environment hazards and their impacts upon hotel industry with these private guesthouses. In the feature, I will focus on safety and sanitation hazards as well the necessity for government to control the private guesthouses. For safety hazards, how could guests know if the landlords are honest and whether they have standard business licenses or not? Moreover, the landlords shall provide their identify cards when they apply for registration as businessmen on mobile platforms. Besides, their identities have to be authenticated and recorded. What measures may be taken if the landlords register with fake identity cards? Regarding sanitation of private guesthouses, who are usually responsible for cleaning them? How often are they cleaned? Are sheets and quilts cleaned every time after guests check out? Are they disinfected with certain disinfecting solution?


I will write a feature about hidden dangers of private guesthouses in Australia as well the necessity for government to control the private guesthouses. I will try interviewing the boss of the private guesthouse and tourists living there.



  1. Bosses of private guesthouses on Airbnb

Airbnb is a website for the masses to rent their private guesthouses, so Australian bosses of private guesthouses may rent their private guesthouses through this platform. Users can release and search information about private guesthouses through internet or mobile applications, making reservations online. Private guesthouses of all countries are included on this social platform.

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This article may be posted on the tourism column of the Sydney Morning Herald on its website. As one major newspapers of Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald publishes 150, 000 pieces of newspapers on a daily basis. This article is about private guesthouses of Australia. Private guesthouses is a type of accommodations prevalent at present, so I believe that many travel enthusiasts want to know about these guesthouses.


This article will cover about hyperlink texts and multimedia such as some photos and video. Furthermore, some tags and highlights will be added to this feature, in hope of presenting a clear, complete and interesting essay in front of readers.



Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, 2011


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