With regard to express delivery service in Australia, even the locals supposedly feel “terrible”, needless to say the foreigners and tourists. Only in Sydney, hundreds of people lose their deliveries or get impaired parcels every year. Sometimes, couriers passing by your house is not to deliver your parcel but leave an uncertain note. Maybe you would receive a post note tomorrow out of blue, just like me.

Several days ago, the landlady of my previous rental unit suddenly called me to fetch two post notes about a parcel. She thought maybe I bought something online with the wrong address. What amazed me is that there is no intact name and contact number on the two notes, and one only has a letter of “Y” on the name column. To figure out what happened, I went to the post office in Hurstville. After a persistent wait in line and search of a whole afternoon, the clerk ultimately told me there was exactly not any packages of mine, maybe the courier made a mistake.


This affair is not accidental. Similar incidents occur frequently in Australia. Shortly prior to my experience, a video about a courier leaves note and runs rather than deliver parcel has triggered a heated debate online. Divergent views of causes have made a great clamor. Customers insisted couriers’ laziness and post company’s irresponsibility are the biggest reasons while the post side emphasized bad weather and insufficient labor force are the chief culprits to blame. Meanwhile, the tremendous contrast of delivery service between Australia and China makes overseas Chinese “maladaptive”, but it can help to explore deep reasons of Australian delivery problem.

This issue has affected economic development and the people’s livelihood of Australia. Australian e-commerce also struggles because of it. Hence, this issue is worthy to be presented as a  news commentary to explore and debate. The preferred online publication for this article is The Australian, the biggest-selling national newspaper in Australia. As a mainstream media, I believe it owes enough authority and wide audience base so that to provide a platform for news commentary articles. Meanwhile, I would like to utilize multimedia components such as audio and imagery to rich content and make it more attractive and more credible.

This commentary will be presented by four parts. The beginning is the detailed stories of missing deliveries or other similar affairs thereby investigating the effects on economy and trade. Then, through comparative research of delivery services between Australia and China, this article will analyze the reasons why the post service in Australia is always disappointed citizens by integrating the views of experts. Finally, opinions and suggestions for improving present situation will be demonstrated and debated.

As to research methods, my plan is to make a forum on social media to research people who have missing packages or receiving post notes experiences, collect their perceptions, and select interviewees among them. Besides, in order to keep neutral, I will go to post office again, and interview post officers face to face to inquire about attitude from the post. Finally, I will consult some socialists and politicians for this topic by emails thereby obtaining macroscopical views and advice.


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