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According to the accusation of students of Sydney University Business School, Wei Wu, the head tutor of the Business school subject FINC2012 (Corporate Finance II) used derogatory terms to abuse his students and made abusive comments on China and Chinese people on his social media platforms. After the exposure, The Sydney University Business Society circulated a petition to request the authority to fire him and thousands of Chinese students signed for this petition. On the contrary, someone who supports Wei WU has reached to over 1500 people reflected through another online petition. Some mainstream news sites also focused on and reported it. As Australian Bureau of Statistics’ research in 2012 census in Australia, Chinese immigrants make up around four percent of Australia’s population or approximately 865,000 people as of 2011 and this number is climbing up in recent years. Therefore, more and more Chinese are going to request for the equality and respect. However, after the acquisition of the permanent residence of some Chinese immigrants, they hold insulting attitude towards their motherland or even China ethnicity. From the feature I write I want to explore that why do some Chinese people who have already immigrated into Australia insult their compatriots and become hostile to China.



With continues concerns of Wei Wu’s event on different mainstream media, the official department of University of Sydney claimed that they would investigate and deal with it. Thus, I would like to research on what the opinion and attitude of the school authority. I will search the official website of the school and continuously focus on what’s going on. Also, I want to do the research of the behavior of insulting China. Wei Wu is not an exception in this immigration country. Through my research, I want to explore whether the phenomenon also exiting around Chinese students or immigrants.


I want to interview 2 or 3 person from different perspectives.

Firstly, it will be good to interview the person involved, tutor Wei Wu. Wei Wu has acquired permanent residence 3 years ago and honor graduated from the University of Sydney. His colleague commented that he is kind and modest. There were too much harmful words and expression about China or the relationship of China and Japan on his social media homepage like Weibo or Facebook. He is the center of this event. He will be asked an important question: why did him insult his students as ‘pig’, just for their academic work or their particular race?

Also, I would like to interview a Chinese who has immigrated in Australia over 20 years. He is the head of the Sydney Overseas Chinese Association and he has wide connection with Chinese immigrants. Through interviewing him, I hope to know that whether does him also meet with some Chinese who immigrate in Australia holds same radical attitude and condition as Wei Wu’s.

Wei Wu’s event is a widely discussed social phenomenon and it reflects some concealed problems in the racial equality and identity. Thus, this feature is targeted at publishing on the Sydney Morning Herald. As the oldest newspaper in the Australia, it has large power and influence on reflection on these social content.

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