[lead] Do you have had enough of hotels? From the forest cabin up in Blue Mountain to the chateau villa in Western Australia, from youth hostel in Melbourne to the century cottage in Adelaide, it is here where the deepest memories engraved on.

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In the mid-1980s, B&B spread from UK and emerged as a bed & breakfast (B&B) accommodation service in Australia. Nowadays, B&B becomes a popular accommodation choice in America, Europe, China and New Zealand.



B&B originated in 1960’s Britain. it was a B&B (bed and breakfast) family accommodation pattern which was often ran as a family sideline that offered countryside accommodation with the combination of local culture, landscape, ecological and environmental resources as well as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery activities. This conception divides it from hotels.


The advantages of B&B

With the development of tourism in Australia, more and more Australian residents have set up private guesthouses and provide tourists with a new accommodation environment.

In Australia tourism resort and countryside towns, board with “B&B” on it can often be seen on the roadside. Houses with this kind of board offers B&B service and are usually 3-6 rooms in size.

‫Different from traditional hotels, B&B provides no luxury amenities. However, it can offer tourists to experience local customs, enjoy the zest and service of the owner of B&B, and experience the life different from the past.

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Century cottage   Source from Wechat

Miss. Han Qingqing is a foreign student is Australia, also a travel enthusiast. She said, “I have visited more than 20 countries and countless cities. Visited Japanese tatami, British castles and Taiwan rustic guesthouse. In Australia, I have lived in the Blue Mountain forest cabin, modern apartment in Melbourne and small house built in mid 19th century in Adelaide. The difference I felt about Australia B&B is its themes and featured diversity. Like winery house, forest cabin, canyon villa, seaside cottage and youth apartment etc. Various featured and beloved guesthouses can be found on the website. Moreover, the scenery around B&B is very beautiful.”

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Hosts of B&B are largely local or long-term residents. Tourists could share conversation with the host, make new friends and experience native rural life. Moreover, the price is much cheaper than hotels.

Qingqing said, “when you use accommodation apps and search hotels or B&B, you will find the big difference in price between hotels and B&B. In Australia, a normal hotel will cost 250 Australian dollars one night. But B&B is far cheaper. It varies in accordance with locations and levels. Usually ranges from 70 to 200 Australian dollars. What is more, it must be ordered in advance before arriving in Australia as it is run by small family. ”

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The interviewee of Miss Han Qingqing

Different from standard services in hotel, surprises can be expected living in B&B ran by local residents. For example, you sometimes may find a bunch of flowers laying on the bedside. What is more, when talking to the owner of B&B, you can listen to the stories of the owner’s family and some local gossips.

Qingqing recalls that, “I remembered one night, the owner of that B&B was an old couple, who were very friendly and talkative. One day, we just experienced the jump in Australia, so we played our video of jumping to them after supper. Unexpectedly, the more than 70 years’ old lady said that she had jumped 10 years ago. Then she shows us her video of jumping. Since the shooting effect of now and 10 years ago were different, the two videos were very funny.”

Sometimes, the kind host may offer you tea and coffee or snacks. You can use the kitchen, the washing machine, the dish-washing machine, parking lots and so on. B&B can meet these requirements which may can not be satisfied in hotels.

Kitchen of B&B   Source from Wechat

Potential problems with B&B

‫B&B prevails as a fresh accommodation ecology. But potential problems exist such as security and sanitation problems. Firstly, the security issue of B&B deserves great attention. Many guesthouses run without business license and government regulation. In the meantime, host of B&B can not make right judgement on customer’s identification.

‫Secondly, there are some flaws in house management and sanitation. B&B houses are usually short of hands, and service is not professional. The host acts as manager as well as attendant who manages multiple rooms at the same time.

‫Qingqing said, “Sanitation condition varies in different guesthouses. In some guesthouses, the bedding is quite clean, but in some guesthouses, the bedding and hygienic condition are ordinary. ”

‫With the rapid development of B&B, it will become much more standard.


Travel tips

‫While facing these potential problems, Qingqing also provides some of her own experience. Firstly, judgement should be made on the basis of the comments, pictures, basic information and descriptions on the house when choosing house and landlord. Normally, houses that received more comments tend to be more secure. Secondly, communicate with the landlord, it helps to form a deep knowledge of the house. Lastly, private booking is not recommended. Booking, Tripadvisor, Airbnb and some other B&B booking social media platforms are more of an option. If any problems occur, timely contact can be made with their operators.

‫Accommodation itself is a part of the journey. Living in B&B is a direct way of experiencing foreign life. Apart from the travel, the host of the B&B and their “home” can make you feel at your own even in a foreign land.

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